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Our Mission Is To Provide Oral Health Awareness & Deliver Quality Dental Care To All Members Of Your Family. ABC Dental’s Vision Is To Have A Lasting Impact On Our Community By Helping Our Future Generation Stay Healthy & In School For The Sake Of A Better Tomorrow.

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We Believe In The Well-Being Of Families

Our vision at ABC Dental is to have a lasting impact in the community by raising oral health awareness through our Educational Outreach Department and to help future generations remain healthy.

At ABC Dental, we believe in the well-being of families. Our Educational Outreach Program is dedicated to raising Oral Health Awareness by focusing our efforts on Preventive Care. Through this program, ABC Dental provides oral health presentations concentrating on oral hygiene care, nutritional concerns, prevention, and the importance of regular dental visits. We also give demonstrations on proper brushing and flossing techniques. As a tool of early detection, ABC Dental provides visual dental health screenings as an in-kind donation to support the efforts in maintaining a healthier community.

Making A Difference In Our Community

ABC Dental was founded on December 5, 1995 in Cleveland, Texas. To date, our offices have extended to the Houston, Pasadena and Rosenburg areas to provide dental services to children and adults. The ABC Dental family, brought together by Dr. Jabbary, is passionately dedicated to fulfilling our patients needs. Our family has flourished and grown tremendously due to our absolute dedication to the same cause…

For over 18 years, ABC Dental`s commitment has been to make a difference in the communities in which we serve.
Our philosophy is simple; we do not advertise on TV, billboards or radio. We believe our time and resources are much better spent in a manner that will have a direct impact in the lives arounds us. Through our Community Outreach Program, we provide the necessities, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and bilingual information. But, more importantly, we also provide Oral Health Education with the goal of having a profound and lasting impact in our community. It is for these reasons the Cities of Houston, Pasadena, Cleveland and Rosenberg have all recognized ABC Dental with the below Proclamations and Certificates of Appreciation.


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Together We Can
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