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A Crown is full-coverage tooth-restoration, which requires reinforcement after being treated with a root canal or a large filling where the tooth is weak and unable to withstand the chewing forces required in the mouth, thus creating the possibility of fracture.

You may be a good candidate for a bridge if you are missing any teeth, but are committed to maintaining good oral hygiene. If left unfilled, this space can cause the surrounding teeth to move, making teeth and gums more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease, leading to further tooth loss. A bridge is a good choice to fill this space in your mouth.

Reasons For Crowns:

  • Protect a tooth that just had a root canal because these teeth tend to become brittle and are more apt to fracture

  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing

  • Hold together and seal a cracked tooth from decay

  • Cover discolored teeth

  • Restore a weakened tooth

  • Improve cosmetic appearance

  • Cover large damage by decay

  • Support the replacement tooth/teeth in a bridge

  • Strengthen tooth structure due to large fillings

  • Restore and maintain the natural bite

A Bridge is a fixed denture, meaning it is permanently fixed in the mouth and cannot be removed like a removable denture. It replaces one or more teeth that are missing in between healthy teeth. It is made with porcelain, gold or other strong metals / materials. The teeth on either side of the missing teeth are “crowned” connecting together as one piece, with the replacement tooth structures in the area of the missing teeth, and appearing as natural as the other teeth in the mouth.

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