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Removable Dentures is one of the alternatives in replacing missing teeth. When teeth are lost, gums and bone will slowly pull back or waste away in the area. This not only causes the adjacent teeth to shift, but the cheeks get “sucked in” causing the appearance of wrinkles.

Complete Dentures is restoration and replacement of all teeth where as the Partial Denture is the restoration for the replacement of one or more teeth. These are removable dentures meaning they can be removed and replaced at will. They must be cleaned regularly after every meal and must be removed at night to allow the gum tissues to breathe.

Dentures not only replace the missing teeth but also give back the fullness of the face by making up the area where bone is lost. This not only improves the ability to chew, but restores proper speech, especially when missing the front teeth, and gives support to the facial muscles, allowing fullness of the cheeks and lips, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

With today’s technology, the partial denture can also be made with a flexible pink resin material as the base where it fits well and blends in with the rest of the mouth, appearing completely natural.

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